white line art icon of person behind a computer
white line art icon of person behind a computer
I’m Michael Leners
full-stack web developer

About Me

Formerly a physics University Instructor and Chemical Engineering graduate student, I am now a web developer. While I originally was attracted to data analysis, Web Development has captured my heart. It keeps me engaged with the growth and learning potential it offers. I am originally from outside of Seattle, WA and moved to Iowa for graduate school in 2013. It’s probably time for me to get an “Iowa Captive” bumper sticker.
I thought I’d love backend because of my love for data analysis, but I find myself drawn more towards frontend development. I have worked professionally with Ember, Angular, Django, Dotnet Core, AWS and Azure. On my own, I enjoy experimenting with Vue and Gatsby and “backend as a service” options. I am a strong advocate for accessibility and diversity in tech. I continually strive to become a better ally in these areas.
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